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ABAQUS Cylindrical Boundary Conditions

Dear all,

 I am trying to learn ABAQUS using this problem (what I thought would be simple enough):

Initial Geometric Configuration: A Disc (thin) with a finite radius (1 unit) and a wedge (5 degree pie) cut off. It is basically a disc with material present only from phi = [0,355] and the material in phi = (355, 360) is removed.

Cylindrical Boundary Conditions: Displacements degrees of freedom are UR(r,phi) in the radial direction and Uphi(r, phi) in the tangential direction

1) Uphi(r,0) = 0; 2) Uphi(r, 355) = 5 (in degrees)

Basically, a displacement boundary condition is applied such that the wedge is closed. I want to find the stress distribution in the final configuration. I have the part and the mesh set up but I am not sure how to define these cylindrical boundary conidtions. The boundary conditions that I find for "Displacement/Rotation" are in only in rectangular Cartesian coordinate system. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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