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UEL ABAQUS Subroutine


I'm stucking with my subroutine. May ask anybody to have a look the the file. 

I run a simple model that and try to run it,but an error message was appeared as below;   ***ERROR: USER SUBROUTINE UEL MISSING


I don't know what is the problem. I did locate the input (.inp) and user (.f) in the same folder and run it (abaqus job=.... user= ...ff int )


Hope to get help from anybody...




If you are on a windows system, use the windows standard of subroutine file i.e. (.FOR) instead of (.F)



Maybe your FORTRAN does
not link to ABAQUS properly. Check your Abaqus verification

I used notepad and MicroSoft Visual Studio to change file name to .for file, but it still does not work...

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