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Actuation of Microcantilever Using Light-Driven DNA Conformational Changes

Nanomechanical Actuation Driven by Light-Induced DNA Fuel

Kilho Eom, Huihun Jung, Gyudo Lee, Jinsung Park, Kihwan Nam, Sang Woo Lee, Dae Sung Yoon, Jaemoon Yang, and Taeyun Kwon


We report the reversible nanomechanical actuation of a microcantilever driven by the light irradiation-induced conformational changes of i-motif DNA chains, which are functionalized on the cantilever's surface. It is shown that light irradiation-driven nanomechanical actuation can be manipulated using DNA hybridization and/or ionic concentrations. 


This work was published online at Chemmical Communications. You can read the paper by clicking the official website of our paper .  

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