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One Year Post Doctoral Position – INRIA France - Nonlinear modal analysis for multi–body systems with unilateral contact

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• As soon as possible and before January 2012.

• Gross Salary (before tax) 2620 euros , 2137 net (after tax)


Context Within the BipOp team, the post doctoral fellow will work on the project Saladyn (French ANR project with Schneider Electric, EDF, LMGC and LAM- SID) concerning the simulation of multi–body (rigid or flexible) dynamical systems with unilateral contact and friction. This work will be carried out in close collaboration with our partners at Schneider Electric.


Position Description The numerical simulation is of utmost importance for the design and the validation of multi–body mechanical systems with unilateral contact and friction. In this context, the bipop has developed a software to simulation rigid multi-body systems with contact and friction which is able to deal with 3D system and clearances in joints. One of the crucial remaining question is the impact propagation through the kinematic chains. Within the rigid body assumption, only multiple impact laws can reproduce the wave propagation and this can be done pretty well for discrete system as granular media or chain of balls. In the case of continuum media, we need to understand and to model the nonlinear mode propagation due to the interaction of elasticity and contact. The work will follow the following steps:

• Analyzing the existing approach (mainly developed in [2]) to compute nonlinear modes with contact

• Propose alternative nonlinear modes descriptions in order to integrate them in a simulation process

• Integration in the Siconos The implementation and the validation of a OpenSource library aiming at describing and simulating the multi–body dynamical systems.


Required skills and educational background

• Ph.D thesis in Mechanics or Applied Mathematics with strong skills in numerical simulation. Theoretical and classical Mechanics. Numerical modeling and scientific computing.

• High confidence with C++ programming How to apply ? A curriculum vitæ and a cover letter have to be sent by e-mail to Vincent Acary




[1] Vincent Acary and Bernard Brogliato. Numerical methods for nonsmooth dynamical systems. Applications in mechanics and electronics. Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics 35. Berlin: Springer. xxi, 525 p. , 2008.

[2] Denis Laxalde and Mathias Legrand. Nonlinear modal analysis of mechanical systems with frictionless contact interfaces. Computational Mechanics, 47:469–478, 2011. 10.1007/s00466-010-0556-3.


what is the name of unit or institute?   Thank you a lot

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