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9 PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di BARI - Italy

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Dealine is 26 January 2012 at 13.00.   ATTACHED YOU FIND ALL THE NEEDED DOCUMENTS!  Which you find also here .

We have 9 positions available starting between Jan and March 2012 on various themes of mechanical and management engineering at Politecnico di BARI .

For details, look at "Research Proposals"at the following link, entering as Guest (login come ospite), here. My particular theme is Squeak of hip joints prosthesis . Partly at the National Center of Excellence in Computational Mechanics 

The admission of candidates to the PhD program is based on

  • CV
  • evaluation of the applicant's ability to carry out research, also assessed by an interview. Students living abroad will have interview on phone or skype.

Necessary paperwork :

- certificate of Graduate educational degree, specifying the list of exams and marks, the degree title, and the supervisor of the final thesis, together with

- a summary of the thesis topic (maximum 1,000 characters) and

- the proposal of a detailed three-year research project, indicating the title of the research, the scientific basis of the proposal, the research objectives, the methodologies that will be taken. The theme is one of the ones listed at "Research Proposals" entering as Guest (login come ospite), from which you should build your own proposed work, showing where your expertise and interest and experience are: see here  .  The proposed project is considered for admission only and do not necessarily prefigures the research that the student must make during his studies. 

- up to two letters of reference from university teachers .

Do not hesitate to contact me however. for any questions.   Mciava AT poliba DOT it

Dealine is 26 gennaio 2012 at 13.00.

Prof. M. Ciavarella


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Italy is of course a beautiful country and the south of italy in particular is attractive for climate and low cost of living, see here and image below.  Some aspects of phd may appear difficult to comprehend, but we have now simplified the procedures.  For more infos about PhD in Italy see eg here  and

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There is no need you come to Italy!   The test for admission can be done also via skype or phone

Dealine for applycations is January 26 2012 at 13.00.

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Dear Prof. M.Ciavarella:   

    I’m a postgraduate student from Shanghai University of Engineering Science in China and I will graduate at March of year 2012. My English name is F.Y.Ma, it is the abbreviated of the Pinyin from my Chinese name. During my undergraduate education, I mainly studied Engineering Mechanics in Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, which is cradle of engineering in Heavy Machinery domain.    

    Now I’m studying Automobile Engineering in Shanghai University of Engineering Science, my main interests concentrate on the acoustics, vibration of vehicle, hydraulic and simulation. In additional, I am a technical support engineer of Hi-key technology Co. My responsible is to provide support of ACTRAN and MpCCI for our customer. I'm interested in build the modeling of mechanism and application of the coupling acoustics problem that interacted with Biological, Acoustics, Mechanics, and Electromagnetics. My study interests are coincide with you or near your research achievements. So I want to apply a PH.D position and study at Politecnico di BARI, to follow you, to learn more, to know more, to find more.     

    I will introduce myself from the following aspects. Firstly, in the publication research papers, there are fifteen papers have published or accepted by the first author in these two years, one of these papers will be published by SCI journal like ‘Sensor Letters’ and five have been published or will be published by EI journal like ‘Journal of Vibration and Shock’.   

    Secondly, in the projects, I have participated with a Chinese National Natural Science Foundation projects in major of Hydraulic. Independently complete a CAE analysis of rubber bearing for Shanghai Volkswagen vehicle Co. by Abaqus software. Independently complete a NVH analysis of dashboard for Shanghai J.Y.(Group) Co. Collaboration and mainly complete a fluid-structure interaction heat exchanger analysis of water jacket in engine for one vehicle business. And there are six small projects of NVH analysis and CAE analysis have independently completed by me for Shanghai Xinfu Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Of SAIC.    

    The ability of use application software is concluding as: I can fluent use the engineering software like Abaqus, Fluent, Actran, MpCCI, Marc, Nastran, Patran, LMS.Virtual.lab et al. In Chinese, I am a moderator of Simwe forum, China vibration Alliance, China CAE Alliance et al. These network forums are mainly platform of students and engineering to study the simulation technical.     Moreover, I had created the Simulation Technology Department and as the first president of this department in our University. The mainly aid is to popularize the simulation technical to students and improve the simulation level of society.   

    In the future, I prefer to become a scientist of acoustics, so I need to learn related knowledge, advanced methods, notions, and the ways of thinking follow you. Being an exchange student is an ideal way to help me realizing this dream faster.That’s all, thank you very much! If you haven’t the plan to enroll PH.D students, please introduce me to your colleagues. Best regards!

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                       


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dear F.Y.Ma,

thanks for your letter. If you read the announcement, we have several positions open on several topics, but it is not like you come and decide what to do, rather the other way around, to some extent.  So after you read the announcement, please contact me again if you are still interested.


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Center for Composite Materials and Structure
Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Yongjie WANG

two questions:

1, could I apply for it with only bachelor degree?

2, could I start it in Fall 2012?

Thank you very much! 

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To everybody interested, the deadline has not yet appeared!   Hence, there is still time for the official applications.

I will keep you posted about the deadline.


Michele Ciavarella, Politecnico di BARI - Italy, Rector's delegate.

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Please send us the application urgently using this format .

Notice that it implies paying eu25.82 of tax, by bank transfer.  And that you must apply specifying the chosen field PHD PROGRAM IN MECHANICAL AND MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING, that you take the test online (provide us the skype data) and the application form requirements.


DEADLINE 26 January do not forget.  In emergency, send us the application via fax +390805962811 or via email at mciava @ poliba . it


Michele Ciavarella, Politecnico di BARI - Italy, Rector's delegate.

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