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Some papers relate to elastic/acoustic wave propagation, stress analysis of composites by effective mathematic methodologies

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Dear Colleagues,

   We would like to introduce a few work of us in the area of elastic/acoustic wave propagation as well as stress/displacement analysis of composites by some effective mathematical methodologies. Every year with one publication as so far, the problems and the methodologies are very different from each other. We greatly appreciate your interests in the papers and the discussions with us about the technical skills if you have:

Liu, G., Jayathilake, P.G., Khoo B.C., Han, F., & Liu, D.K. (2012). Conformal mapping for the Helmholtz Equation: acoustic wave scattering by a two dimensional inclusion with irregular shape in an ideal fluid. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.(Accepted and will publish online)

---------- Conformal mapping were applied together with proposed new mapping functions to study linear acoustic wave scattering by inclusion with sharp corners



Liu, G., Ji, B., Hwang K., & Khoo, B.C. (2011). Analytical solution of the displacement and stress fields of the nano-composites structure of biological materials. Composites Science and Technology, 71, 1190-1195.     (The detailed derivation can be found in the Supplementary Material in the journal)

----------- Perturbation  method were applid to analyze the detailed stress and displacement in composites (slender mineral plate staggeringly inside protein foundation)


Liu, G., Chen, H., Liu, D., & Khoo, B.C. (2010). Surface motion of a half-space with triangular and semicircular hills under incident SH waves. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 100, 1306-1319.

----------- Fractional order Bessel function and Fourier series expansion were applied to solve discontinuous boundaries of model III elastic wave propagation



Liu, G., Ji, B., Chen, H., & Liu, D. (2009). Anti-plane harmonic elastodynamic stress analysis of an infinite wedge with a circular cavity. ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, 76, 061008.

------------ Mirror imagine together with Green function for the antiplane wave scattering about dynamics stress concentration factor


Liu, G., Ji, B., & Liu, D. (2008). Analytical solution for the ground motion of a half space with a semi-cylindrical canyon and a beeline crack. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 464, 1905-1921.

------------ Green function combined with coordinates rotation and transformation for model III displacement analysis


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