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Some papers relate to elastic/acoustic wave propagation, stress analysis of composites by effective mathematic methodologies

Dear Colleagues,

   We would like to introduce a few work of us in the area of elastic/acoustic wave propagation as well as stress/displacement analysis of composites by some effective mathematical methodologies. Every year with one publication as so far, the problems and the methodologies are very different from each other. We greatly appreciate your interests in the papers and the discussions with us about the technical skills if you have:

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Some questions about wave propagation

Dear Sir

As we know, periodic signals are best analysed in the frequency domain while stochastic signals are usually more profitably analysed in the time domain. The analysis in the frequency domain usually concern only one signal while in the time domain often involves the comparison of several different signals.

1) what are the general methods for transforming the frequency domain into time domain, and which should be superior?

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