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Farbod A. Farahani

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Farbod was born on a rainy day. Long before his birth, fortunetellers predicted that a child would be born and make a significant change in the world in the future. Farbod was born on NOV 3, 1982. His dad taught him swimming at a very early age. At the age of 11, Farbod began his competitive swimming and joined different teams. He was one of the fastest state champions when he was 14. He has placed second and third in 4 x 100 meter freestyle. Farbod retired himself from swimming in high school to persue his ultimate goal as an enginner. Farbod showed great mathematical ability early on and was always fascinated by how things work. Today, Farbod lives in Maryland and he is pursuing his carrer goals to become an enginner.

Besides engineering, Farbod takes a special interest in space and the origin of the universe. He hopes to fly across the universe, which is 156 billion light years wide, and find out all about the Big Bang Theory one day.To see how big our universe is click here

I have been fascinated by how electronic devices work and this is why I am taking this class.

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