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ASME IMECE 2012: Symposium on Tribology of Thin Films and Small-Scale Structures

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Dear Colleagues:

We are currently soliciting abstracts for the 2012 ASME IMECE conference on November 9-15, 2012 in Houston, TX.  The symposium is entitled Tribology of Thin Films and Small-Scale Structures and is part of the Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids Track.


The deadline for submitting an abstract is February 27, 2012.  Abstracts can be submitted at the following website:  Please select Track 9, Topic 40.


The call-for-papers for the symposium is as follows:

Thin films and more recently nanostructures (including nanowires, nanotubes and graphene) hold tremendous promise as constituent materials for micro- and nanoscale devices.  Tribology of these films and structures plays a critical role in the operation and reliability of such devices, as the strength and significance of surface forces relative to body forces increases dramatically at small length scales.  This symposium is devoted to the tribology of thin films and small-scale structures, encompassing fundamental and applied studies on friction, adhesion, lubrication, and wear between micro- and nanoscale interfaces.  Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to: (1) New methodologies/instrumentation for studying micro- and nanoscale tribology, (2) Tribology of ceramic, metallic, polymeric, and composite thin films and coatings, (3) Tribology of ceramic, metallic, and polymeric nanowires, nanotubes and nanofibers, (4) Tribology of graphene and self-assembled monolayers, (5) Tribology of functional devices such as MEMS, NEMS, and stretchable electronics, (6) Physical and chemical surface modification schemes and their impacts on tribology, and (7) Continuum and atomistic simulations of adhesion, friction, and wear.


The confirmed invited speakers for the symposium include:

Maarten de Boer (Carnegie Mellon University) and Kyung-Suk Kim (Brown University).


Best regards,

Frank DelRio (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and Yong Zhu (North Carolina State University)


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