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writing SIGINI subroutine

Hi all,

I have a model designed in abaqus and after an analysis I have as output a residual stress profile. Now I want to insert the same residual stress profile inside a new model made by both the same geometry and mesh elements but made by different materials. I used the *MAP SOLUTION  command but without any results. I think the best way is writing a SIGINI subroutine but since I've never done sothing like this before I don't know where to start. How can I extrapolate the residual stress profile from the former model to put in the second model?



Hi freinds

days ago i write a subroutine for contilever beam whit various young is true for 2D beam but for 3D beam write error.

ERROR:Too many attempts made for this increment

Abaqus/Standard Analysis exited with an error - Please see the  message file for possible error messages if the file exists.

i change the load and step increment freuqently but its not true yet.i dont khnow where is Incorrec.

please help me.............


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