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Acta Mechanica Sinica Volume 28 Number 2 2012

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Hermite WENO-based limiters for high order discontinuous Galerkin method on unstructured grids

Zhen-Hua Jiang, Chao Yan, Jian Yu, Wu Yuan

 Viscous falling film instability around a vertical moving cylinder

Kadry Zakaria, Yasser Gamiel

 Water hammer prediction and control: the Green's function method

Li-Jun Xuan, Feng Mao, Jie-Zhi Wu

 Unsteady flow of viscoelastic fluid between two cylinders usingfractional Maxwell model

Muhammad Jamil, Constantin Fetecau, Corina Fetecau

 Study of modeling unsteady blade row interaction in a transonic compressor stage part 1: code development and deterministic correlation analysis

Yang-Wei Liu, Bao-Jie Liu, Li-Peng Lu

 Study of modeling unsteady blade row interaction in a transonic compressor stage part 2: influence of deterministic correlations on time-averaged flow prediction

Yang-Wei Liu, Bao-Jie Liu, Li-Peng Lu

 An investigation of an Emden-Fowler equation from thin film flow

E. Momoniat

 A note on the unsteady flow of a fractional Maxwell fluid througha circular cylinder

M. Athar, A. U. Awan, Corina Fetecau

 Effect of induced magnetic field on natural convection in vertical concentric annuli

R. K. Singh, A. K. Singh

 A hybrid vertex-centered finite volume/element method for viscous incompressible flows on non-staggered unstructured meshes

Wei Gao, Ru-Xun Liu, Hong Li

 A class of exact solutions for the incompressible viscousmagnetohydrodynamic flow over a porous rotating disk

M. Turkyilmazoglu

 Simulation of vortex shedding behind a bluff body flame stabilizer using a hybrid U-RANS/PDF method

Min-Ming Zhu, Ping-Hui Zhao, Hai-Wen Ge, Yi-Liang Chen

 Asymptotic analysis of outwardly propagating spherical flames

Yun-Chao Wu, Zheng Chen

 The wake of falling disks at low Reynolds numbers

Hong-Jie Zhong, Cun-Biao Lee

 Experimental study of the boundary layer over an airfoil in plunging motion

F. Rasi Marzabadi, M. R. Soltani

 Nonlinear magneto-electric response of a giant magnetostrictive/piezoelectric composite cylinder

Yuan-Wen Gao, Juan-Juan Zhang

 A new three-dimensional Hoek-Brown strength criterion

Hua Jiang, Yong-Li Xie

 The SPH approach to the process of container filling based onnon-linear constitutive models

Tao Jiang, Jie Ouyang, Lin Zhang, Jin-Lian Ren

 Stresses due to an adhesion crack in T-shaped junction of two orthotropic plates

Dai-Heng Chen

 Application of split Hopkinson tension bar technique to the study of dynamic fracture properties of materials

Ze-Jian Xu, Yu-Long Li, Feng-Lei Huang

 Experimental analysis of crack tip fields in rubber materials underlarge deformation 

Xia Xiao, Hai-Peng Song, Yi-Lan Kang, Xiao-Lei Li, Xiao-Hua Tan, Hao-Yun Tan

 Experimental study on detonation parameters and cellular structures of fuel cloud

Li-Feng Xie, Bin Li, Yu-Lei Zhang

 A comparison of two formulations of the fin efficiency for straight fins

E. Momoniat

 Research on the iterative method for model updating based onthe frequency response function

Wei-Ming Li, Jia-Zhen Hong

 An iterative algorithm for analysis of coupled structural–acoustic systems subject to random excitations

Guo-Zhong Zhao, Gang Chen, Zhan Kang

 Free vibrations of beam-mass-spring systems: analytical analysis with numerical confirmation

Mohammad A. Darabi, Siavash Kazemirad, Mergen H. Ghayesh

 Coordinating control of multiple rigid bodies based on motion primitives

Fan Wu, Zhi-Yong Geng

 Discrete time transfer matrix method for dynamics of multibody system with flexible beams moving in space

Xiao-Ting Rui, Edwin Kreuzer, Bao Rong, Bin He

 Stochastic resonance in coupled weakly-damped bistable oscillators subjected to additive and multiplicative noises

Yan-Mei Kang, Mei Wang, Yong Xie

 The maximal Lyapunov exponent of a co-dimension two-bifurcation system excited by a bounded noise

Sheng-Hong Li, Xian-Bin Liu

 A wavelet approach for active-passive vibration control of laminated plates

Ji-Zeng Wang, Xiao-Min Wang, You-He Zhou

 Sensitivity analysis for a type of statically stable sailcrafts

Zheng-Xue Li, Jun-Feng Li, He-Xi Baoyin

 Attitude maneuver of liquid-filled spacecraft with a flexible appendage by momentum wheel

Dan-Dan Yang, Bao-Zeng Yue, Wen-Jun Wu, Xiao-Juan Song, Le-Mei Zhu Failure-tolerant control for small agile satellites using single-gimbalcontrol moment gyros and magnetic torquers   

Tao Meng, Saburo Matunaga

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