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Meshless/XFEM/extended isogeometric analysis software on SourceForge

Dear Colleagues,

At you will be able to download open source software for the extended finite element method, the extended element-free Galerkin method and extended isogeometric analysis methods in 2D and 3D.

Some of the papers associated with these pieces of code are here:

Feel free to ask any question you may have. This is provided in the hope that it be useful to the community.

For IGA, a very nice piece of software has been available for some time on SourceForge as well: GeoPDEs: which we very warmly recommend.

 All the very best from Cardiff,



Dear Dr. Stéphane, and Phu,

Thank you very much for sharing your code and your passion in Isogeometric Analysis & XFEM , I really enjoyed the code.

Any further recommended reading in NURBS and Finite Cell is highly appreciated.




Mehdi Naderi's picture

Dear Dr. Bordas,

Thank you very much.

sir, will u send me a matlab code in finite element method for finding frequencies of both uniform beam and Tapered beam

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