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Hello everyone,

 I am running a UMAT on ABAQUS. However, I need to call another subroutine : URDFIL. I have included the URDFIL subroutine in the same file as the UMAT subroutine.

The problem is that when I run the program, ONLY the UMAT subroutine runs. It looks as if ABAQUS ignores completely the URDFIL subroutine (It doesn't run it at all). Do we have to include anything 

specific in the INPUT file in order for ABAQUS to take the URDFIL into account?

Thanks for the help!

- Jack


Hi Jack,

           URDFIL is used to read the results file. In order to do that, you need to write the .fil file. Check the documentation how to write a fil file and add the respective line in your inp file. Then it will write .fil file which urdfil will read if your URDFIL code is fine.

Thanks and Regards,


Hello Rohith,

      You are right. I was missing a *EL(NODE) FILE command. Everything works fine now.


- Jack

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