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Hello everyone,

 I am running a UMAT on ABAQUS. However, I need to call another subroutine : URDFIL. I have included the URDFIL subroutine in the same file as the UMAT subroutine.

The problem is that when I run the program, ONLY the UMAT subroutine runs. It looks as if ABAQUS ignores completely the URDFIL subroutine (It doesn't run it at all). Do we have to include anything 

specific in the INPUT file in order for ABAQUS to take the URDFIL into account?

Thanks for the help!

- Jack


Controlling the time incrementation scheme in ABAQUS

Hello everyone,


I am currently writing a UMAT for non-linear viscoelastic materials. In order to do some verifications,

I need to be able to customize the time incrementation scheme. For example, the first increment would 

have a time step of 1E-5s while the other increments would have constant time step of 1E-2s. I know this is not a

very straightforward problem, but I really need to be able to do that. I am currently trying to combine my UMAT with other subroutines

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