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iMechanica now has 2000+ registered users

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iMechanica was lunched on 9 September 2006. It took about five months for iMechanica to see its 1000th registered user. Today we are welcoming the 2000th registered user after only another two and half months.

Number talks. As of today, iMechanica has 2,000,000+ web hits, 1274 posts, and 2392 comments. The number of comments is about twice of that of posts, while several months ago these two numbers were often comparable. The increase of comments clearly indicates the increase of the conversations among iMechanicians, which fits well with the mission of iMechanica. While the online interactions among iMechanicians are increasing, we are also looking forward to the iMechanica get-together at McMat 2007, another opportunity to learn from each other and shape the future of iMechanica.

iMechanica belongs to whoever uses it. The more users of iMechanica, the more powerful the knowledge base of iMechanica, and the more every iMechanician can benefit from iMechanica. Let's invite more people to participate in iMechanica. Together, we can help to build a brighter future for our mechanics community.


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Dear All:

I've just attached a powerpoint slide to Teng's post. I used this slide to promote iMechanica early this week in my talk at the International Symposium of Reliability Physics. The audience consists mainly of engineers from microelectronic companies, and the subject of my talk is the mechanics of integrated structures. This is the last slide of my talk. A number of people in the audience told me that the slide was effective. Here is the content of the slide:

  • A web of mechanics and mechanicians.
  • ~2000 registered users.
  • You can read everything without registration.
  • To write, you have to register for a free account. Registration takes 18 seconds.
  • Ask questions, answer questions, promote your work, discuss other people's work.
  • iMechanica belongs to whoever uses it. Non-commercial.
  • Hosted at Harvard University.

Please download the slide, add it to your talks, and post it on the bulletin boards in the hallways of your organization.

Here are other things that you can do to enhance the value of iMechanica to yourself and other users.

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Looking at the information on this powerpoint slide reminded me that we really need a Logo!  This slide is informative but colorless!  Is the logo something being actively considered?  Perhaps a screenshot of the iMech front page might also be useful to show people.

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