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WOM 2013 - Keynote Speakers Announced

Wom 2013 keynote speakers and their topics have been announced:

Dr Ali Erdemir
Argonne National Laboratories, USA
Innovative surface engineering strategies for mitigating wear of materials under extreme conditions

Dr Michael Moseler
FhG-IWM Freiburg, Germany
Atomistic understanding of wear in carbon tribomaterials

Dr Phil Shipway
Nottingham University
Wear of cermets and cermet coatings – the role of microstructure
Dr Bikramjit Basu and Dr Mitjan Kalin
Engineering ceramics and their composites - tailoring material variables for tribological application

The 19th International Conference will be taking place in Portland, Oregon, USA 14-18 April 2013. To check the Speakers' biographies or to register for the conference, go to

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