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Free examples of engineering calculations

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Dear Members,


Please look at my engineering
projects which illustrate my experience in mechanical engineering, design, technology,
electricity, automatic control etc. This projects was fulfilled by me during my
education in Novorossiysk State Maritime Academy and State Maritime University for
the period from 2000-2005 and from 2010-2012.


Above mentioned projects includes:

Engineering Devices:

Engineering Graphics: Design of the air cylinder;

Automation Devices: Calculation of transients in
linear systems of automatic control.

Cargo-lifting Machinery:

Structural Mechanics: Design of the traveling crane metal

Strength & Durability: Numerical analysis of the frame
crane metal structures;

Electrical Drive: Deign of the gantry crane
electrical drive;

Cargo-Handling Technology: Development of the transshipment
technology for carriage of the cable drums.

 Marine Power Plants:

Auxiliary Machines: Calculation of the ship's
desalting plant;

Main and Auxiliary Boilers: Calculation of the ship’s
heat-recovery boiler;

Internal Combustion Engines: Calculation of the ship's internal
combustion engine;

Automated Control Systems: Calculation of the automatic system
which controls water level in the boiler;

Power Plants Exploitation: Estimation of the exploitation
properties of the ship’s propulsion complex.


If these projects will be
interesting for you please look at my blog:

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