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I am looking for a research position in the field of Computational Science.

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I am looking for a teaching, research or IT position in New York City or around.

Dr. Vasiliy S. Znamenskiy

Home Phone: 1(718)238-0957
Cell Phone: 1(917)532-4377
Lab Phone: 1(212)650-6034

52 92nd St Apt 6C, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA
Cell phone: (917)532-4377 
Home phone: (718)238-0957


More than 20 years working experience in software development and simulation of the various chemical, physical and technical processes and computer aided systems. Expertise in computer modeling of complicated engineering and scientific problems. Over 10 years of teaching experience in Computer Science.


Analyzing Information ; Problem Solving; Attention to Detail; Software Design; Software Debugging; Software Development Fundamentals; Software Documentation; Software Testing; Software Requirements; Software Development Process; Innovation; Quick Study; Written Communication; Database Design

Languages:  Unix C, Borland C++, UNIX shell scripts, HTML, JavaScript, SDL-scripts, Fortran, FORTRAN, PL/I, ALGOL

Software: CHARMM, DL_POLY, PC Spartan, Gaussian, AIM2000, NWChem, gOpenMol, Microcal Origin, Microsoft Excel, Access, Golden Software Surfer, Photoshop

Operating Systems: SunOS, DOS/Windows NT 4.0/2000, Linux, IBM PC, Silicon Graphics, Beowulf PC cluster

Hardware: Sun workstation, Beowulf PC cluster, Silicon Graphics workstation, High-performance parallel supercomputer


6/2003 - Present.  City University of New York, New York, NY
Research Associate
* Develop C/C++ programs; and Piton and UNIX scripts to perform data processing, data analysis, and computer-aided data conversion in a complex system of remote high-performance parallel supercomputer, two PC clusters and PC workstations
* Engineer tools to assist in finding solutions to complex issues involving biophysical, biochemical systems
* Perform computations of the molecular system by using modeling and simulation techniques
* Use computational software such as NWChem, Gaussian, AIM2000, gOpenMol, Microcal Origin, Golden Software Surfer to perform complex molecular modeling and analysis tasks in networked, high-performance computers and PC clusters
* Utilize data mining techniques to maximize the use of the computational results

09/2006 - 12/2006. Hostos Community College, New York, NY
Adjunct Professor
* Taught a course of General Physics II
* Develop a WEB-Page to improve Professor-Students interaction (

05/2002 - 05/2003.  Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
Research Associate
* Computer simulation study of the solvatochromism of betaine-30 in an ionic liquid
* Program development for data processing using C, C++. Provided System Administration
* Use computational software such as DL_POLY, gOpenMol, Microcal Origin, Microsoft Excel, Golden Software Surfer to perform complex molecular modeling and analysis tasks in PC cluster environment

01/2001 - 04/2002.  The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Research Associate
* Computer simulation study of the evaporation of protein ions from water nanodroplet
* Used: Silicon Graphics Indigo workstations, IP22, IRIX; SUNW, Ultra-Enterprise, SunOS
* Program development for data processing utilizing C, C++ Builder. Provided PC workstation administration

09/1997 - 01/2001. Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Nalchik, Russia
Associate Professor
* Developed the Interned based electronic library of resources on the information defense
* Develop WEB-pages and computer programs to improve educational technologies
* Taught courses:
- Modern high-level languages (C, C++, Java Script, HTML)
- Algorithmic languages and programming
- Real-time systems (Petri Nets, SDL scripts)
- Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
- Introduction to Computer Science (Pascal, Basic)
- Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
- Chemical Computer Science 

12/1981 - 09/1997. Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Nalchik, Russia
Senior Researcher, Assistant Professor
* Software development of computer-aided methods for designing of new polymers using C, C++
* Developed the web-pages for the small research businesses
* Development of molecular-dynamics simulation software utilizing Turbo C, Borland C++, FORTRAN, Pascal
* Performed various software conversions from FORTRAN to C
* Modeled Computer-aided Production Analysis Systems. Used: dBase, FoxBASE
* Performed simulation of inertial flight control systems for airframe aeronautics
* Developed software of some hydrodynamic problems for a computer-aided system of Ministry of Melioration and Water Management. Wrote documentation and training guidelines
* INMARSAT communication (C, Pascal, SDL-scripts)
* Software development for simulation of the computer-aided control system of urban buses (PL/I)
* Performed optimization of the signal processing algorithms

10/1978 - 11/1981. Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Biysk, Russia
* Provided Software support for calculation of two-dimensional supersonic flows of heterogeneous systems in regions with complex boundaries using Godunov methods for compressible hydrodynamics

09/1977 - 09/1978.   Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, RAS. Novosibirsk, Russia
Research Assistant
* Investigated the parameters of shock-compressed materials utilizing detectors in magnetic chamber


1994 Ph.D. in Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Thesis: Investigation of Contact-Melting Phenomenon by Method of Molecular-Dynamics Simulation
Kabardino-Balkaria University, Russia

1978 M.S. in Physics. Specialization: Physics of High-Speed processes
Physics Department, Novosibirsk State University, Russia


1999 The coach of the University's team in the Quarter-Final of Northeastern European Regional Collegiate Programming Contest
1995 - 1996. Research Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research
1996 Grant of Scientific Affairs Division NATO
1995 Scholarship of the European Physical Society
1994 Grant of the International Science Foundation

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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