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New book on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics by Davide Bigoni

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Dear Colleagues,

A new excellent book has been recently released “Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: Bifurcation Theory and Material Instability by
Davide Bigoni (Cambridge University Press).

The book covers nonlinear elasticity and elastoplasticity at finite strain, with a presentation of bifurcation and material instability, substantiated by a number of original experimental results. Elastoplasticity is presented for nonassociative (and associative as a partcular case) flow rule. Wave propagation, discontinuities and fractures are treated. Derivation of several Green's functions is given, which are useful not only for material instability, but also for researchers interested to develop boundary element technique.  Chapters 2 through 5 can be used for a course on nonlinear elasticity, which included solutions of a series of simple problems, such as for instance finite bending of a layer. Several bifurcation problems are presented and solved (Euler elastica, tension/compression of an elastic block, of a multilayered structure, of a layer under banding) and there is a rare collection of solutions referred to nonassociative elastoplasticity. 


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Finally, I got it from CUP. The book is good. With examples! Not just tensors!! Very original and highly recommended.

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