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Engineering Judgment and Safety

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In engineering design , the phrase "Good Engineering Judgment" is often repeated over and over again. "Engineering Judgment" refers to the decision made by an engineer based on the available data to propose a design or a line of action. In the absence of convincing evidence, engineering judgement seems to be the only recourse, yet in words of Richard Feyman  in his book about the investigation of the accident that destroyed the Challenger space shuttle  “When I hear the words ‘engineering judgement’, I know they are just going to make up numbers” (Feynman, 1993).

Bad engineering Judgment results in overdesign, redesign,creating hazaardous conditions, and a reduction in the safety and reliability of an otherwise safe equipment.

Please kindly discuss on your definition of Engineering Judgment- i.e good or bad, and what is the limit in applying "Engineering Judgment"


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"Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact"

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