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Non-linear Buckling in Ansys

Hello to all,

                 I m mahendra and i want few suggesions for my final year project Regarding Non-Linear buckling of composite Wind Turbine. I have done Linear Buckling and got a BLF=1.3 which is fine as per GL Guidlines. I m using Ansys12 Edu ver. and Shell 281 Element type with section properties. For load application i m using pilot node at 9 airfoils on the full blade.

Then i have applies Mx and My on that load application points.

In Non-Linear Analysis i m not getting the convergence as i m applying load on one node or at all the 9 points.

So plz help me i just want to know, tha this is happening due to element type or not because as i hav solved it by shell 99 i m getting the solution done.

All comments are appreciate...........thanks in advance...

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