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Linear Elastic material behaves as Neo-Hookean in ANSYS?

I solve the static bending problem for thin plate under uniformly distributed load acting orthogonally to the plate. I
need the solution up to quite large values of deflection (100
thicknesses, which implies the strains about 100%), but I want to take
into account only geometric nonlinearity and not the material
nonlinearity. I use elements which support large strains (SHELL181,
SHELL281). The software is ANSYS Mechanical APDL 12 and 13. Also, I use "Large displacement static" option for
Although I use Linear Elastic Isotropic material, the value of
deflection for a given pressure coincides with the value, obtained for
Neo-Hookean material. That is, for not very high deflections (less
that 20 thicknesses), where Neo-Hookean law almost coincides with
linear Hooke's law, ANSYS results are close to those that I have from
analytical approach (with only geometrical nonlinearity). But at
higher deflections, where the difference between Neo-Hookean and
Hooke's law is significant, ANSYS seems to use Neo-Hookean material
model ignoring my indication to use Linear elasticity.
Could someone give me any hint, how I can obtain solution without material nonlinearity?

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