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Multilayer plate


I'm new in this forum and happy to be with lot of great people in mechanics.

first, sorry for my bad english because i'm not a native speaker.

i have some questions about stress analysis in multilayer plates:

- i have a plate (30 cm * 30 cm) in a 4 points bending, can i model it like in cylindrical bending (i can have an analytical solution) with reissner mindlin model (or layer wise model) ?

 - for this two models the forces applied on the upper face and the lower face should be a surfacique load ?  in my case i have a line load ( 4 points bending, can i replace the line load with a surfacique load ?





no answer ?

Are you trying to create a finite element model of 4 points bending? If you were doing FEA, what elements are you using? solids or shells? With most FE software, you can apply a line load to a shell element, but not to a solid element (yes, I know the FE software developer allows you apply line or point loads to solid elements, but this will always lead to poor numerical convergence and hence an inability to bound the error associated with the computation).

Please provide more detail--in your 'stress analysis', are you looking for an exact solution, or an approximate solution you derive on paper, or finite element solution?

Perhaps someone else here can explain what "cylindrical bending" solution is that can be used in plate or shell bending? I am not familiar with this technique. 

i want to know the stress in laminated glass (glass(4mm)-pvb(0.72mm)-glass(4mm)) , the case is square plate (30cm) in a 4 points bending.

i prefer to have an analytical solution but i dont think that's possible ... can i approximate this case with cylindrical bending ?





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