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KAUST Workshop on "Computational and Experimental Mechanics of Advanced Materials"

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The CEMAM workshop will be held at KAUST from July 1st to 3rd 2013. The event will be focused on the mechanics of solids and structures with applications to composite materials.

The main themes of this
workshop will be:

  • Multiscale experimental and computational approaches for design
    (multiscale computational techniques, model coupling, non-local models,
    hierarchical approaches, homogenization, multiscale strategies for
    optimizing material formulations, hybrid nano/micro/meso scale materials
    and multifunctional composites).
  • Inverse problems for non-destructive control and health monitoring of composite structures
    (2D/3D digital image correlation-based identification, identification
    techniques for interfaces in joints/laminates, monitoring techniques for
    composite structures, impedance based tomography).
  • Durability of materials and structures (aging of polymer composites under various environments, aging problems for structures, multi-physics prediction tools).

For further info please refer to the CEMAM website



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