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Abaqus - warning message: c3d4h elements will enforce vol .... use *tie

Dear iMechanica-User,

i habe  a general question according to Abaqus. I'm dealing with an biom. model of the breast and i  created the mesh with the toolbox iso2mesh (matlab) / c3d4h elements - each element has it's own youngs modulusand is therefore defined as singel solid section (per element), but all elements use the same node-list. Simulation is done by compression of the breast using two plates.

So here is the problem: i always get the warning message: 

C3d4h and c3d10i elements will enforce volumetric continuity across material boundaries. In order to allow discontinuities in the volumetric field use *tie.

Can i ignore this message or do i have to tie every single element to it's neighbours?

At the moment i have the problem, that the simulationen doesn't finish and i fighting with this for about 3 weeks...


Thanks in advance




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