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ABAQUS-cohesive elements in compression

Hi all,

 I'm not able to understand the behavior of cohesive elements in compression. I had modeled a cohesive surface obeying traction separation between two flat 3D square plates , both of them had unit thickness. I had used the shared nodes technique to edit the mesh of the assembly of the two plates to generate an interface with zero thickness. I tried several loading on the top plates- uniaxial tension, pure shear and uniaxial compression keeping the bottom plate fixed. The model behaves properly in tension and shear, however, in compression the elements of the top plate go inside the bottom plate. I don't understand this behavior of cohesive elements. I think the problem might be that I have missed out some modeling detail or probably I should give additional constitutive behavior to the cohesive elements other than traction separation.

Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks a lot in advance,


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Can you give me some details of your problems, maybe I can help you.  By the way,you should read the abaqus help documentation more carefully.


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Dear Saurabh,

I happened to meet the same problem again when I simulated compression process of MMCs with cohesive element. Reaaaally puzzled by the overlap between the matrix and particle. Could you please share some advice about it?

Thanks very much.


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For this case, you've gotta differentiate the bahaviour of cohesive element in tension and compression separately, you can write a subroutine.

For instance, if you consider a big value for stiffness without damage in compression for cohesive elements, you will see that two elements never go inside each other. Overall, all is about the definition of cohesive property for cohesive elements. Just in case, keep it in mind that considering a big value for stiffness means considering rigid body condition for cohesive element that may generate stress concentration, you must check to make sure to get what you exactly want.


Mehdi Shahzamanian 

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