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Faculty positions in Southeast University (Nanjing, China)-东南大学工程力学系招聘启事

Faculty Positions are available in Department of Engineering Mechanics, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Southeast University ( is located in Nanjing, China, which is one “985 Project” university and directly managed by Ministry of Education of China.
The Department of Engineering Mechanics was founded in 1952, there are several research areas covering Dynamics and Control, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and
Engineering Mechanics involving in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. After decades of development, the department has a key laboratory called Jiangsu Engineering Mechanics Analytical Key Laboratory  and one experimental mechanics teaching center in Jiangsu province. More informationabout this department refers to


Some faculty positions are now available in Dynamics and control, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics in Dept. of Engineering Mechanics of Southeast University.

1. Qualifications: Ph. D in Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering or related areas.

2. Applications: Please submit your detailed CV, three representative publications and one letter of recommendation from your advisor to Dr.Fei( if you are interested.

3. More detail about the department and university, please refer to or




1、 招聘岗位:动力学与控制、固体力学、流体力学、工程力学等二级学科教学科研岗

2、 应聘要求:力学、航空航天、机械、土木等相关专业,海外博士学位

3、 应聘方式:请发简历、3篇代表作、导师推荐信到

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