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Nice Imechanics

Hi, I am a newcomer. This is a nice place. a lot of useful information.


Hi we would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to simulate drilling a hole in a metal sheet.We want to simulate in Ansys the stress relaxation after drilling a hole. Best regards,Bruno Serrano


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Hi, I use the chesive element to simulate the debonding of particle in matrix.
I edit the mesh to make the thickness of chesive element to be zero. When I submit the job,
errors comes:
The geometry of 30 elements is too distorted. Check the nodal coordinates or node
numbering on elements identified in element set ErrElemDistorted.

If I don't make the thickness to be zero, it goes well with ABAQUS 6.10.
Can anyone help me?


   Is the element is Cohesive Element or not. If it is Cohesive Element, I think you cannot set the thickness to zero. You can set to a very small value or set a defaut number (maybe 1) which idicate ignore the cohesive layer.

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