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Modelling CT Specimen in ANSYS and simulating in Zencrack

Hello everyone,


I am currently working on a Dissertation for my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologias (FCT), Portugal. I am doing a research on Compact Tension Specimen under mode I and III loading and I'm doing a 3d model in order to obtain finite element results in order to compare with the experimental ones. I first modelled the CTS in Solidworks and then imported it into ANSYS. The final objective is to run the model in Zencrack to get the values of the stress intensity factors for the loading modes I and III.


This is how my model looks like


    My doubt is about the constraints. My initial idea was to constraint node A in the UX,UY and UZ directions and node B in the UZ or UX direction. 

I have tried it in a simmetric model similar to this one and it worked fine on the Zencrack analysis however it is not working now. I have also tried constraining lines along the C and D nodes along the UY direction   to simulate modeI loading but was unsuccessful.  I keep getting an error like this on Zencrack:

"*** ERROR ***                           CP =       2.672   TIME= 19:32:55

 A small negative equation solver pivot term has been encountered at the 

 UY degree of freedom of node 1914.  Check for an insufficiently         

 constrained model. "      

Can someone help me out, I have tried it over and over again, I have re-done my models but still I can't seem to solve the problem.    

Thank you


Paulo Chambel

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