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Create new ( multiple ) parts from existing (single )part in Abaqus

Hello Everyone,

i am kind of newbie to Abaqus, in learning phase. My question is regarding creating new parts from existing part in abaqus, kind of splitting activity similar to slice feature in ANSYS Designmodeler. As far as my regular activity in Ansys workbench, i require to slice body in designmodeler, to create new volumes, to refine mesh, or to define contacts with different status.have limited access to modeling software, so basically work with simulation software pre processor.

tried using partition tool , but probably from my learning it only allows to create new volume in existing part. tried with copy part but it does not allow to suppress the parent geometry and to allow only new partition cell.

so am i doing it wrong? or is there any other technique or workaround to achieve this process. 


Thanks in Advance,



Can you try to make a copy of your original part? Then, partition and delete. 

Hi Kewei Li,

Thanks for your response. will try to work with proposed way.


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