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use ABAQUS/CAE in Laser Forming


 I am a new user here, and I have two problems to use ABAQUS/CAE,

the first problem, I need some tutorials or helps to simulate a coupled temperature-displacement in ABAQUS/CAE !!

 the second is the major problem, my project is in Laser Forming and I want use ABAQUS/CAE in this domain?

thank you in advance for your assistance


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Search “ABAQUS Document”in google you will find some tutorials on abaqus.

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What type of structure and materials are you considered? Should the phase transition of the materials be taken into account?


for example I use the mild steel material, the phase transition is not be taken into account !!, the melting temprature must be not reached..

i explain my problem with taking an example,

I have a plate with 80x40x2mm in dimension, I want to apply a circular thermal source's (considered as a laser) at one of the surface of the plateand his displacement, how can I simulate thies source's? I know that the Dflux user subroutine is used to define nonuniform distributed flux in heat transfer and mass diffusion analyses. (see images)

how i can simulate the thermal source's and its displacment???

thank you for your assistance


Hi there,


Would you please send me your file that you could move the heat source?

I do not have any idea about that.

You can e-mail me on: 



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