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Deformation gradient change in Abaqus

Help needed!! in Abaqus

I have UMAT written to update stress and material tangent components for a user defined material model. I need stretch ratio as an input for my material model. For this I am using deformation gradient from UMAT. Problem is, when there is constant strain (strain rate = 0), for example when material stretched to 100% strain (rubber) and then held at that strain for certain time to see stress relaxation, the deformation gradient should give the same value of 100% strain, but to my surprise this is changing. Can any one help me with this.   


Co-simulation Engine Mapping search failures in Abaqus

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can anyone guide me what is co-simulation engine mapping search failures in abaqus?? as i get this error while trying running co-simulation between AbaqusCFD and AbaqusStandard.

i have created CAE Model with single fin (mounted on tube) and tube as a single part and created partion wall along the edge of fin, Created CFD Model with fluid, assigned structured mesh.

Even file pre-processor completes successfully but it aborts showing "co-simulation engine mapping search failures in abaqus"

Measure Curved Edge length in ABAQUS CAE

Greetings all,

i want to know, is there any way to measure edge length ( "curves" specifically,  not looking for straight edge length  using distance between vertices as query feature :) ), and also to get vertices co-ordinates in  local co-ordinate system; in ABAQUS CAE or using python scripting.

my problem is somehow related to above query,  can manage solution with 'other' tricks, but want to know any standard methods are avaliable.

Any help is appreciated.



"keyword *CO-SIMULATIONREGION is misplaced" Error

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i everyone,

I am UG student of Mechanical Engineering. I am a new user of Abaqus and currently working on co-simulation for my final year  project. Actually what I am doing is prediction of heat transfer due to fluid flow in a tube of known diameter across which air is flowing, also called as conjugate heat transfer.

I created model in Abaqus/standard named Tube, created part as Tube

Assigned material properties

Created step "Dynamic, temp-disp, Explicit"

Clamping with a specific stiffness in Abaqus

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is there a simple possibility to set a boundary condition to clamp my sheet in Abaqus with a specific stiffness?

Usually you use the "encastre"-boundary condition. But I would like to give this condition a specific stiffness.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance 

Stiffness Encastre

ABAQUS fatigue and fracture

I am trying to find the rate of crack growth in steel beam under fatigue loading using ABAQUS... i am having trouble with the loading part.... How to provide cyclic loads in ABAQUS...and obtain the increment in crack length with time??? Please help

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Optimization techniques to simulate clamped cornered plates and pinned nodes using ABAQUS?

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Can any help me know about how to optimize using ABAQUS? 


I am working on mode localization of composite plate, kindly help 

Basic problem in ABAQUS/CAE

I am simulating a cube of sides 10 units. I have applied the
load as pressure of 16 units at top. The cube is meshed by usign a
global seed size of 5. It means, there are 9 elements and 27 nodes
(using C3D8R). I have used the material property of steel for instance.
The base of the cube is fixed and the sides are allowed to move
vertically.  Now i want to calculate the nodal force at the centre of
the cube i.e. at the centroid of the cube (not in the centre of any of
the exterior sides). 


Abaqus:warning message,Tangent directions used to enforced contact constraints for contact pair

Well I tried to search for a related thread and could not find one, so creating a new
one. But if such a thread exists, please direct me there, thank you. I

ABAQUS Post processing

I have modeled a pile which was made to penetrate at a constant rate (Displacement controlled loading) into the soil. The steps were divided into geostatic, contact and Applied load steps. After the program runs successfully, i am facing difficulty in extracting the results.

 I want to plot the load vs. displacement curve at the bottom of the pile.  After i have summed up all the nodal forces at the bottom of the pile, the total load was coming quite less as compared to the applied Load/Displacement.

ABAQUS Analysis

How to differentiate between the analysis of a "hollow pile with closed top and an open end" with "vented top and open ended pile".


After applying compressive load at both the pile tops (closed and vented), i have obtained/observed that the vented pile is offering higher resistance to penetration as compared to closed top pile.


ABQ Python Scripting to create mesh definition without geometry

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Dear iMecanica community,

with ABQ I'd like to create a mesh part without an associated geometry using the bottom-up-technique.

I already found the Python commands to add nodes to an orphaned mesh (from an inp-file).

In order to this I must first import an existing part and make node definitions on the orphan mesh part.

Is there a way in ABQ to define nodes, elements, etc. directly using scripting commands without

creating an orphan mesh part (by importing a model)?

I would be glad for any help, thank you very much in advance!

Abaqus CPU time limit

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I am trying to run a job for a very high resolution mesh. This job is taking many hours so I decided to allow it to run overnight. However, after about 6 hours, the job terminates due to exceeding the CPU time limit. Is there a way to set the CPU time limit to unlimited? Or are there any other workarounds that may allow me to run the job? 



defining a response spectrum in abaqus 6.10


I am trying to perform a response spectrum analysis of a tall tower. I work with abaqus 6.10, but i am unsure of how to define a spectrum. there is no spectrum radio button on the create amplitude menu... so i guess i have to edit the keywords.

does anyone have an example of how a spectrum can be defined? i'd be much grateful


Lekshmi Remesh 

Using XFEM with Implicit Dynamic step in Abaqus


I have used XFEM in Abaqus for static analysis. I use traction-separation cohesive behavior with XFEM.

I want to use XFEM in implicit dynamic analysis. I am using Abaqus version 6.12. As far as I know xfem was allowed only with static analysis in earlier Abaqus versions (6.9). I read that the newer versions have implicit dynamic analysis compatiblity with XFEM.

Dispersion curve for Lamb waves using Abaqus

Dear all

I am trying to plot the dispersion curbve for wave propagation in an ALuminum beam under S0 and A0 lambwave.  My simulation has completed and I thin the results are reasonable as long as visualization is concerned.

I am trying to plot dispersion curve for these two waves using Abaqus outputs. As far as I know I need to use Abaqus outputs such as displacement or velocity for calculation of wave speed.

1- How would I calculate wave speed by Abaqus outputs and is this calculated wave speed the phase velocity or group velocity ?

Piezoelectric Actuator Position Constraint


I am trying to mount a piezoelectric actuator(PZT) on a plate. The PZT is rectangular and I have created a tie constraint between a surface on the bar and one of the PZT's surfaces. How do I put the PZT at a certain location on the bar in the assembly? I am assigning a coincident point position constraint between a point on the bar and a point on the PZT, is that sufficient? Thank you.



Hi Everyone

 I just started using ABAQUS. I was trying to plot a graph for stress vs
strain for a simple problem, plate with a hole. I could use some help
here. Really appreciate it if anyone could help me with the steps.


simulation of precision glass molding

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Hi every one . I am working on Simulation of precision glass molding process with the help of  Abaqus . Do any one have idea to simulate the glass at temprature 1400oC ? Please send me any usefull material regarding it.

Kind Regards 


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How to find material parameters for Abaqus PDA

The PDA model implemented in Abaus is an implementation of the idea of the cohesive zone model (CZM), which is quite popular for the analysis of delaminations, but PDA is for intralaminar damage. The problem my group faced when trying to use PDA was "where do we get the material parameters?"  We asked around in blogs and such but could not find a definitive answer. So, we went to work and came up with a methodology that may serve you.

Abaqus Query


 I am new to the FSI interaction module in abaqus, i wanted to know how to go for it, as i have modelled structure embedded in the soil domain using abaqus standard /explicit model and on which i have to model fluid striking the structure as well as the soil layer i have to use only Abaqus CFD model , iam not sure how could i model fluid in the CFD model what kind of interaction in between abaqus standard and abaqus cfd model and how could i make interaction, also how to install FSI module in abaqus cae?? it's knid of surge water striking structure!!



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