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Journal Club Theme of February 2014: Energy Challenges and Mechanics

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Since James Watt, a Scottish inventor, improve the efficiency of steam engine, human civilization relies more and more on a steady supply of energy. The re-rise as an international superpower and the global energy crisis are challenging China and the world. We are at a transitional age. On the one hand, we see the technology advances in exploration and development of oil and gas, a depleting resource; and the growth in handling ageing and decommissioning. On the other hand, we see ideas and plans for new energy structure in the future.

The discussions here relate to a conference I am chairing, the International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics, held in this summer at Aberdeen, Scotland, the energy capital of Europe. This theme is about energy challenges and the role of mechanics as a means for seeking solutions, involving multiple disciplines in technology, science and management. The topics include both fossil fuels and many different forms of renewable energy. In addition, we will discuss the role of mechanics in issues related to energy efficiency, safety and environment.

The discussion sessions developed include:

I. Fossil fuels related

II. Renewable energy related

III. Energy efficiency, safety and environment

IV. General



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Hi Dr. Tan,

Thanks for the post!  The conference looks very interesting!  On iMechanica, there has been a fair amount of discussion relating to the mechanics of energy storage materials.  Here are a few pertinent links:

Mechanics of Energy Storage

Lithium Batteries - When Mechanics Meets Chemistry

Mechanics Issues in Nanocapacitors and Ramifications for Energy Storage

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4th International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics



Mechanical properties are crucial to better understand the final properties of applicable materials. From this point of view Nanomechanics is an important Nanoscience branch, which allows to study fundamental mechanical properties at the nanoscale. This knowledge is key point for the application of novel materials.

All research investigations done recently in the field of Nanomechanics are welcome to be discussed in this session in order to better understand mechanical behavior of the materials at the nanoscale.

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