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Case Studies in Fire Safety - First papers published! Freely accessible

We are delighted to announce the publication of the first papers in Case Studies in Fire Safety. Case Studies in Fire Safety provides an open forum for the rapid publication of short, structured case studies in fire safety and related short communications providing an essential compendium of case studies for fire protection engineers, designers, researchers and other practitioners in the field of fire safety.

The short studies come from both industry and practice and provide critical insights from thought leaders on current technology as well as specific examples of technology in use. To read the papers, click on the links below:

Fire Scene Reconstruction of a Furnished Compartment Room in a House Fire A.C.Y. Yuen | G.H. Yeoh | R.Alexander | M.Cook

Performance-based design of road tunnel fire safety: proposal of new Swedish framework Jonatan Gehandler | Haukur Ingason | Anders Lönnermark | Håkan Frantzich | Michael Strömgren

Impact of jet fan ventilation systems on sprinkler activation P.A. (Tony) Enright

Pressurization systems do not work & present a risk to life safety Simon Lay

Fire safety engineering at a crossroad Brian J. Meacham

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