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Case Study Effect of Pore Size on Pellet-Based Catalyst Flow

We have a new case study on our website based on research at Imperial College into multiscale tomography and calculating permeability for catalysts. The project involved studying the influence of pore structure on fluid flow across large length scales in silica-alumina pellet-based catalysts.

3D data at different length scales was obtained from XMT, DBFIB-SEM and ET scanning and segmented into a binarised dataset.

Simpleware software was used to generate robust CFD meshes of complex nano/microstructure for each length scale, with meshes then exported to ANSYS Fluent for characterising permeability.

Full details of the case study are available here:

If you're working with FIB-SEM or other modalities, we'd be happy to discuss how our software can help with model/mesh generation for FEA/CFD. You can contact us at, with information on our software available at You can also download a free 30-day trial from the website.

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