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Polyelectrolyte gels

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These notes attempt to address the concerns raised by Weil Hong, and supplement the notes on Poroelasticity, diffusion in an elastic solid. The main purpose is to add electrical effects, so that the theory will apply to polyelectrolyte gels. I’ll adopt an approach developed by Suo, Zhao and Greene for elastic dielectric (JMPS 2007 or preprint). The theory, however, has been developed by many people in many ways. See references at the end of the notes.

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The note posted here has been substantially expanded in a paper by Wei Hong, Xuanhe Zhao and me, entitled Large Deformation and Electrochemistry of Polyelectrolyte Gels.

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This paper is now in print:

Wei Hong, Xuanhe Zhao, Zhigang Suo, Large deformation and electrochemistry of polyelectrolyte gels. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 58, 558-577 (2010).

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