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Properties Lamina/Composite-Composite Layup using Abaqus

Hey everybody,

Actually I don't have the same thickness everywhere(that decreases little by little). I tried to part but it's not exactly the same thickness in the same part. Do you know if that can cause a problem? For example I have a scrap like that 10 mm+-2mm for thickness. I would think to fill in the composite layup like that Ply1 : 2 mm-Core : 6 mm-Ply2 : 2 mm

I use this occasion to ask you two more questions : 

Something is not clear for me. When you fill in the mechanical properties E1,E2,... over Abaqus for a lamina, it's just only about the fiber. I mean how can we take into account the properties concerning the resin?

And the last one is about the fail stress in composite layup. When you use it, you just need to fill in (ten stress fiber dir, com stress fiber dir, ten stress transv dir...) for the fibers, right? So if my core is on wood, I don't need to fill in this part? Just the characteristics for an orthotropic material.

Thanks a lot for your help  ! 

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