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I thought this might be of interest for some imechanicans, particularly those who work on composites (anisotropic and/or heterogeneous materials). Sorry if it sounds a bit infomercial. 

Imagine a youtube-like environment for you to deploy a cloud version of your code without any change to your original code. Your research code can be immediately shared with the global community. 

Imagine a place you can find all the computer tools for composites simulation including comprehensive commercial codes like ABAQUS to research codes written by graduate students who are working on their theses.

Imagine having fingertip access to composites simulation tools anywhere, anytime, on any device including smart phones. Tools that are not java applets but real commercial codes connected to HPC resources in the cloud.

Would you have questions about results or underlining models, imagine being able to ask subject matter experts and world leading researchers 24/7 and being able to add your voice to the rest of the community.

Imagine a new way of publishing: the equations in your paper are directly connected to the computer codes in the same place so that others can easily understand and adapt your research.

Imagine going a tradeshow of composites simulation software where you can try all the potential tools at your own pace using your own problems. You won’t get just the sales pitch but can have access to all the information about the software, including reviews from others and evaluations from experts. Plus no travel is needed!

At Purdue, we are launching the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB ( Powered by the cyberinfrastructure of HubZero, supported by the collective wisdom and knowledge of the community, and sponsored by our visionary industrial leaders, cdmHUB will:

  • Provide a single site for review of all composites simulation tools
  • Convene composites experts to establish a simulation tool maturity level (TML)
  • Identify opportunities and mechanisms for integration of simulation tools
  • Identify needs for new tool innovations
  • Support the growth and maturation of new simulation tools
  • Support data bases necessary for verification and validation of simulation tools
  • Support the development of intellectual talent in simulation tool use and new tool development
  • Facilitate pervasive and accelerated learning of composites
  • Establish and promote “Best Practices” for composites simulation tools

All you need is a web browser connected to As we are still in development stage, any of your comments will be greatly appreciated and help guide the future of cdmHUB. Please provide your feedbacks either here or through



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