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Concrete compression test - Error

Hello everyone, 

I have modeled compression test on concrete cube in Abaqus/Explicit. For concrete I have used Concrete damaged plasticity model. I have assigned displacement as BC (Smooth amplitude) in Reference Point at the top of the cube, and I have coupled RP with the top of the cube. For concrete cube I have used C3D8R elements. 

For history output I have requested Reaction force in RP and energies for whole model. 

But job won't finish. I get an error: 

The part map file "D:\Marko\Concrete\Compression.prt" is corrupt, does not exist, or cannot be opened. 

The elements contained in element set ErrElemExcessDistortion-Step1 have distorted excessively. 

I am sending you pictures of Reaction Force and PE and PEEQ of Cube (results until job cancelation). 

Can anyone tell me why and give me some suggestions? 



Hi, I had the same problem recently, it can be resolved by creating a new file, and re-runing the simulation (providing engough memory space).

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