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ABAQUS: Thermal stresses in a rectangular composite plate

Trying to model a crossply square plate with a sinusoidal temperature loading (uniform along the thickness). I am trying to match the results by Kant et al 2008 and Rohwer et al 2001. I am modeling the compoosite as a 3-D solid elements (making a part and dividing into 4 layers). I always obtain transverse shear stress on the 90 degree layer at 0,b/2,z to be zero.  My results match with that of the paper when I have a single layer of orthotropic material but they dont match when I have 4 layers of equal thickness and an aspect ratio of 5 (length/thickness).


I am using "additional rotation" in the material orientation menu to change the fiber orientation by 90 degrees and 0 when the orientation is zero.


To try nother case, I went  through the step by step procedure mentioned in


Even for this case, I get all the results to be same as that of the author except the transverse shear stress through the thickness.


TSHR graphs look different and sigma 13 shows zero value at the 90 degree layer. what might be wrong.



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