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I am Looking for job in the fied of CAE

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I am mechanical engineer currentely doing Mastars in mecahnical engineering (Design) having 2 years experience in hypermesh and Ansys .


Mail Id is


Check out General Electric here

The given link is for their student internship program--not a job.

Caveat: They did not respond to my response to their media-advertised job advertisement(s). They also did not respond when one of their own engineers (an Indian then working in the USA) forwarded my resume (from USA) after he looked at my FEM results and skills. He had thought I had the sort of skills they were on the lookout for.

Just applying for the job will get you nowhere.  You will have to know someone in a position to hire you.  More importantly, they should know you.  If you are in your early/mid 20s you should be able to get a job because there seems to be some demand for freshers in the market. 


What you say translates to this: "Just advertising for a position will not get an employer (like University of Utah, funded on a research project by US Government) anywhere near a truly talented engineer."

You could also read it as: "Just receiving resumes for a position..."

I need not comment on the rest.

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Dear Biswajit

I enjoyed reading your insights and helps/suggestions to others on technical questions. However...

This reply is not encouraging, and even more it is a negative statement to justify the people in hiring positions acting in an authoritive attitude. What you commented is partially true, I accept, as I have noticed them during my job interviews after my masters. But do we have to stick to that policy, that is the question.


Sorry, didn't want to sound so pessimistic :)  Optimism actually helps (I'm told) in the job search process.

I probably should have added the following to my reply:

"Most of us cannot possibily know our potential employers - nor can they know  us a priori.  If you go to an elite school whose alumni have a strong culture of helping recent graduates (and are also in positions of power in industry) then you have a foot in the door.  Or you can try to get an on-campus interview where you can shine.

The rest of us have to spend a lot of time building a network of people that will help us when needed.  I feel that in a tight job market with tens of thousands of CAE engineers looking for jobs, building your own network is the only way to go."

And how do you build a network?  I can't say - I have not been particularly successful at doing that.   But I'm sure many other people in this forum have built networks.  I'd like to know what's needed.

To paraphrase Ajit:  What's the point of posting advertisements?

I think that most ads are placed because it's a  requirement (and there is the off chance that someone unexpectedly great will apply for the job ).  I don't blame the employers for that.  That's the way things have worked for ages.   Many people look great on paper but turn out to be complete loons in person.  You want to hire someone who can do the job and is recommended by someone whose judgement you trust.

Gopinath says "But do we have to stick to that policy ...". 

I don't think it's a policy to ignore applications from people you have never heard of, but just human nature.  Also I don't think a potential employee has any choice in that matter.  

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Thank you Mr Ajit for your valuble suggestion

Do I know where are you working now a days ? Are you also completed intership programme of Ge ?

Looking for your reply ........

Thanks & Regards

Vishal Pawar

Oh boy! How the world has changed!! Gopinath's comment about whether Biswajit's first reply was encouraging or otherwise, has summarily disappeared; Biswajit's further reply, then not present on 10th August, 2007 (Indian Standard Time) has now made an appearance with a timestamp of 8th August 2007; and while Biswajit explicitly says he is paraphrasing me, any resembling original is something I cannot recall having written here ever!! ... Times... They are a-changing!!!

To answer you: Sure, I do work. But if you mean to ask if I have any form of (financially) gainful employment, whether permanent or contract, the answer is, no, I don't. Despite having tried for years to get a suitable job. (For more details, watch this post of mine, here at iMechanica...) 

... So, to complete the answer: Yes, I do work, and mostly, I do it at home... Sometimes (rarely), in a library too. Like, the COEP library; the British Library at Pune; and even more rarely, when a faculty-member friend is willing to help, i.e., strictly in his personal capacity, then, through his personal intervention, recommendation, and on-the-spot help, I sometimes get my work done even at the IIT Bombay library... On a few occasions in the past (2003), I also did a little work at IUCAA library in Pune, but not later on--they pushed too much bureacracy in the way later on (details available on request). So, the last couple of venues are most rare. Overall, mostly, my work is done at home. I live in Pune. ... How about you?

Also, I never did apply for the GE internship program--only for job(s). I applied them on two different occasions as I mentioned in the caveat above. I still have to receive any reply from them to any of the communications--by me, or by their own US-based engineer.

Times... Sure, they are a-changing!!!

I too recall Gopinath's comment. There are two cases here: 1) It was removed by the moderators 2) This Drupal installdation has problems.  Both of these issues raise questions about the credibility of imechanica. An inspiring model to look at is USENET, almost all posts since its start are archived.

This issue has been resolved, and should not happen again.  Thank you all for your concerns. 

I unpublished Gopinath's post after seeing a request from him to remove his message on this thread.  I hope that gets rid of the confusion.


Dear Biswajit:  I re-published Gopinath's post.  I think that he was requesting that another post be unpublished.  For everyone else:  When a post is marked "unpublished" by a moderator, the post will not be visible to the public, but will be visible to all moderators as a pink post.  An unpublished post can be published again by a moderator.

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Dear Friends

I made that request to the moderator and since I was new to forum kind of stuffs.

To conclude with a jovial remark, its a unintentional technique to become popular in a forum.

I request friends here to forget about this topic and move on.





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