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Nanodurotaxis: a fundamental law of nanoscale directional motion

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Hi all,

One of our recent works on nanoscale directional motion induced by stiffness gradient.

I hope you will find it interesting.

This work has been presented in 2014 MRS Spring Meeting by Prof. Huajian Gao (the PPT file he used is attached):



Office presentation icon 2014MRS_NDT.ppt11.03 MB


Teng Li's picture

Dear Tienchong,

Thanks for sharing this interesting work! 

We recently explored a potential mechanism of directional transport of molecular mass on graphene by straining, which is recently published in Extreme Mechanics Letters. Hope you find it interesting. The paper is now free to access at:

Tienchong Chang's picture

It is interesting. Thanks.

Shuze Zhu's picture

Dear Tienchong, 

Thanks for sharing this excellent work!

I have a quick question to Figure 4(a) of your paper. Is the interlayer potential shown here a statistical/time-averaged value? 

Look forward to your feedback!

Best wishes,


Tienchong Chang's picture

Sure. It is. The calculation procedure was documented in the supplemental materials of our paper.

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