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composite materials

Hello every body 

I am a novice (new one) on this web site and I just began, I am preparing my master on composites and I think that you have more informations than me on this subject my problem is that Iam in the coparative step between my results and the others.

my work is on the crack of composites mode II (sliding mode) I'm modelizing that phenomen with finit element to find the enegy of sustitution the problem is that I have not found any results by web and unfotunatly we have not books on this subject in my university.

So my request is if you have any source of information or if you have that informations yourself, I wish you'll be helpfull and you communicate me web sites or informations on this subject.

H All,

I'm new user for abaqus, i'm researcher ,i'm preparing master study in the metal matrix composite,i want to simulate a non linear distribution of reinforcing particles inside Aluminum matrix, any body have a tutorial, script, any kind of help,i'll be greatfull

                                                                                                               thx all

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You might be interested in "Introduction to Computational Micromechanics" by Zohdi and Wriggers,Springer, 2005 although this book does not relate directly to ABAQUS.

If you are going to use ABAQUS you probably will need to learn Python and ABAQUS Scripting Interface (see the corresponding manuals of ABAQUS documentation) to generate the FE model.





HI for all imechanica guys hey i am doing my masters and need some useful links on metal matrix composites any tutorials,whitepapers ebooks would be helpful for my research

please imechanica guys  

post any info, links & posts or journals

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Dear Chimerazz,

You will find this link useful. Here you will find a forum topic that will show you some modelling methods. If you couldnt find enough information just send another post and ask for Ref. from people in discussion there.

The link(iMechanica); ABAQUS & Modelling.

Mahdi Kazemzadeh


I modeled Mode II (uni-directional composite material) condition in abaqus. But the experiment condition is quite different. In my case, the composite material is inserted into wedges (three point bending) and detect crack inition time using crack gage (we need this information to obtain the force-deflection data). Based on the experimental results, we modeled the testing condition in abaqus. Let me know any further info.


I thing your subject is near to mine and treat of the same way but by different approchs(views) if you want we can give informations one to the other about our experiences and our results

pm:now I am in point of 0 because I have not found results on mode II to compare with mine modelised in casmic RQM7 frensh software if you can help me I'll be very greedfull


i want to use the failure criteria for checking the failure stress and as soon as stress reaches the failure stress i want to reduce element properties to zero so that stress carrying capcity should be zero how can i do that.?? is it possible by using UFIELD subroutine?? if not tell me the proper way to do this

thank you

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