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Multi-processor mode of ABAQUS VIEWER

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Hi Everyone,

I am making an 3D RVE model for fiber reinforced composite. approximately there are 62500 elements in the model and there are 200 frames in the odb files (the odb size is around 3gb). When I try to open the file, it took me a very long time (approximately one hour) just to display the model in ABAQUS viewer, and when swithcing from one frame to the next frame, it took some time around 10 mins. And it is very not conveient at all. Currently I am using NVIDIA Quadro 5000 for my graphics card.

My question is: is the a way to make ABAQUS viewer in multiprocessing mode because I think, it took so much time since ABAQUS viewer only use 1 core? I am pretty sure there must be a way to fix this since some people out there must have used ABAQUS for large scale model with massive number of elements (way much more than 62500 elements). Suggestions?


nb. simplify the model is not a solution.


The issue isn't multithreading. I routinely open ODBs that size and it's not fast, but it doesn't take 10 minutes. I have seen this issue with composites though. The problem is that when Viewer opens a frame it has to load the entire thing, which can be a lot of data when there's a composite section. I don't know that there's a great solution here. One thing you could try is set the machine to animate the time history at the end of your workday. It'll try to load each frame in sequence while you're sleeping, and hopefully it'll all be loaded by the next day. Then it should switch between frames more quickly, assuming you don't run out of memory in the process.

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