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Abaqus-Meshing Octagonal Part- Face Angle less than 45 degrees

I am modeling an octagonal foundation in Abaqus. The foundation is 3.1 m in height. By its geometry, foundation has got slopes with face angle less than 45 degrees. As a result, when I mesh my model, I get a warning which says that distorted elements have been detected. This is around 25% of total no of elements. How can I partition/seed, etc. to reduce the no of distorted elements? I cannot compromise on the geometry of foundation. Attached is the mesh photo and distorted elements are highlighted. Also the tetrahedron shapes are each of the corners with face angle less than 45 degrees are highlighted in another photo. These four tetrahedron shapes at each of 4 corners are causing the problem. I tried bottom up meshing also but only in vain.
Please suggest. Thanks.

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