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MicroStructPy: Generation of statistically representative microstructures with direct grain geometry control

I would like to share an article that was recently published in CMAME.

It is about MicroStructPy, a very flexible microstructure generator able to represent various statistics for microstructures with multiple phases. It works in 2D and 3D and you can provide, for each phase, grain size distributions, volume fraction, elongation and orientation distribution for elongated grains, etc.

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Local mesh refinement using Gmsh

Hello All,

I am using Gmsh for creating a finite element mesh. After I create the volume mesh, Is there a way to do a local mesh refinement around a particular point (say x,y,z) and within a sphere of given radius.

Kindly help !



Abaqus-Meshing Octagonal Part- Face Angle less than 45 degrees

I am modeling an octagonal foundation in Abaqus. The foundation is 3.1 m in height. By its geometry, foundation has got slopes with face angle less than 45 degrees. As a result, when I mesh my model, I get a warning which says that distorted elements have been detected. This is around 25% of total no of elements. How can I partition/seed, etc. to reduce the no of distorted elements? I cannot compromise on the geometry of foundation. Attached is the mesh photo and distorted elements are highlighted.

CFP: Mini-symposium at 13th US National COngress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM13)

We invite you to submit abstracts to this Simpleware-sponsored minisymposium

Deadline: February 15, 2015

13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USCNCCM13)

July 26-July 30, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

Mini-symposium - Biomechanics Modeling: Advances and Applications to Real-World Problems

Organiser: Petr Krysl, University of California, San Diego

Simpleware Version 7.0 now available

We're delighted to announce the Version 7.0 release of our 3D image processing, analysis and model generation software. The release comes with a wide range of new features including:

New Animations - generate animations from within the ScanIP interface - explore your data and create videos to communicate work to colleagues, with options for 'fly-throughs' available.

Image Based Modeling for Biomedical Implant Design

We'd like to share a recent publication based on our software, which converts 3D volumetric image data into computational models; this article, published in partnership with MSC Technology, highlights how we've been able to produce successful FE models for biomedical implant design.

We have more case studies and information available on our website - - where you can also download a free 30 day trial of our software.

Mesh generation

I have a big problem with meshing.



how to mesh AC3D4 acoustic tetrahedral

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im working on an abaqus model which should be meshed by AC3D4 acoustic tetrahedral elements.

 i attached the picture of main meshed model and my model .

but there is a difference between them. ( i pointed them by white areas)


how can i mesh o control mesh to create that kind of meshing


 top model is mine and bottom is original model.





abaqus analysis (meshing)

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may i know how to create extra element surrounding  the model in the meshing in abaqus?

in my case, i want have the extra inactivate element (with zero stress, strains condition) surrounding my model for the inital step, and then activate the element for the continuos step if neccesary...


thank you

Image-Based Simulation Workshop

WORKSHOP: Image-based Simulation for Biomechanics, Materials Applications, and Reverse Engineering

This workshop is aimed at those interested in 3D reconstruction from radiology images, and in using 3D image data (as obtained from CT, Micro-CT, MRI and Ultrasound) to generate Rapid Prototyping, CAD, and Finite Element models.

Generating quadratic tetrahedral (tet10) meshes from .stl surface models

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Hi iMechanica-experts,

I'm working with soft tissue models of abdominal organs (e.g. liver) for surgery simulation. These models are alway constructed from segmented surface files (triangles, e.g. .stl). I'm devloping an algorithm that uses isometric quadratic tetrahedral (tet10) elements (mainly in order to reduce volume locking). Now I'd like to generate a tet10 mesh from the surface mesh.

Meshing a block with spherical void inside in Ansys

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I have a squre block and inside it there is an sphere. I want to mesh
the whole assembly. I can mesh the sphere but when i try to mesh the
squre block with the spherical hole it cant mesh and says "it cant
select the source and target face". I also tried to devide it into 8
parts. That helped me to mesh the sphere but i cant mesh the squre with
spherical hole with that too. So please anyone can help me out.

Announcement: Moceon launches new website

Moceon; world leading experts in high quality all hexahedral meshing, today announces the launch of their website

Based on the Spatial Twist Continuum, which was discovered by the founder in 1992, a new method has been developed into a commercial level software package that is being rolled out first as a premium high quality hex meshing service.

Scientific Programmer

Global Strategies Group is looking for a Scientific Programmer to design, develop and implement software environment/components for geometry representation and mesh generation in support of computational mechanics applications


Significant software development/programming activity is expected.




Masters or PhD in Engineering or Computer Science


Background and experience:

how to create mesh of two volume blocks of different sizes glued to gether in ansys


i am doing my PhD in  "smart composites"

i am working on piezoelectric composite materails... 
i will be greatful to you if anyone can suggest me  how to model the piezoelectric materials in ANSYS.i am having some doubts in meshing and giving the voltage input to ANSYS.

if i directly glue actuator to the beam using volume glue  then i am getting problem while meshing volume as "invalid topology for mapped brick mesh". how can i glue two volumes in ansys and avoid the problem in meshing???

expecting a response ....


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