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Hex Mesh

HEX meshes with elastic/plastic property in ABAQUS contact analysis

Dear all,

Recently I have been running a simulation in ABAQUS, which is the compression of two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are identical, and I think the simulation results of the contact sufaces of the two hemispheres should be identical too. However, I found when I apply only elastic material property, the result is alright, when I change the material property to elastic-plastic (bi-linear), the result is very wierd (the contact sufaces are not symmetric). All of the model is with HEX mesh, when TET mesh is applied there is no such issues.

Announcement: Moceon launches new website

Moceon; world leading experts in high quality all hexahedral meshing, today announces the launch of their website

Based on the Spatial Twist Continuum, which was discovered by the founder in 1992, a new method has been developed into a commercial level software package that is being rolled out first as a premium high quality hex meshing service.

Mesh Quality graph

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Hope this works.

It's an all hex mesh, I created using a new program called CheetahSTC that's based on the Spatial Twist Continuum.

Check it out on


Dr Peter Murdoch

The quality graph is:

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