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Topic 70: Take a break, relax

Henry Tan's picture

I saw that every 2 or 3 minutes came out a new post. Tomorrow is the deadline, and you are all crazy! Take a break and have some free chat.


Omololu Oyebola's picture

Good Day Dr. Tan

I really appreciate this innovative method of assessment. Let us blog as many as possible and we will be missing this from tomorow. The imechanica tool i must confess has made me do alot of research work, made me spread my tentacles and join bits and pieces of information from many sources to make approximately 100 words :d

Hope i get 1 mark for this blog.

Also thank you for the safety classes and the tutorials on reliabity theory. Really learnt alot 

YAKUBU ABUBAKAR 51126107's picture

I totally agree with you Dr Henry Tan, all work without play make all of you
 very unrealiable.But Dr. Tan you must not forget the popular slogan in
the oil and gas industry  as SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS.

And funny enough safety
engineering and risk management is actually the course that took every one's
time from making a post to doing toturials.I have to say that it was quite
loaded and eventful. 

we hope to end this course on a high note so that you can be remember for good
and once again well done for the new innovative and difficult  way of assessment.


oil & gas Engr.

Azeezat's picture

I agree with Dr Tan that it’s time to take
a break and have a chat after months of thinking about what to post and research
of ideas and points. Thanks very much Dr Tan for this innovative idea of the
blog. As this gave us the opportunity to know how vast this course is and its
application. I commend you Sir for this idea.

Abdulazeez Bello's picture

challenge post by this system of grading requires student to demonstrate
understanding of the course especially materials taught in the class and then
bring about one’s perspective before he can be adjured to have earn a mark. This
normally doesn’t give the true picture of one’s understanding. In a bid to
maximize point, students are forced to post a sizable number of documents and
also exceed the required number of post so as to convince the subject lecturer
their understanding of the course. There is also the challenge of meeting up
with colleagues that have industry experience. Their field expertise sort of
gives them an advantage ahead of their counterparts with little or no
experience. The onus is on the lecturer to balance the class. One other
challenge I for see is how post that have different contribution or comment
with the initial topic will be graded when all the individual posts have being
I must say, my experience in doing this assignment has made expressing my
technical knowledge much easier especially when compared to when I wrote my
first post.

FELIXMAIYO's picture

Thank you for this suggestion Dr.Tan. I think it’s always the nature of human beings to do things the last minutes. The system has successfully managed to keep up with all the posts that are being done and this is really encouraging. Looking at the rate of blogging of a post in every two minutes, it’s really commendable. I think it’s good to comment the students for the effort they have put in making this method of assessment a success.

I hope this post earns me 1 mark.



Babawale Onagbola's picture

Haha Dr Tan. I see you're up reading posts.
I will admit that I am relieved that the scampering for marks for continuous
assessment is finally coming to an end but I think imechanica will remain
useful to me. Only this time, I will not be posting comments to earn marks but
to genuinely share my opinion(s) on issues bordering on engineering in the
world today. I personally have learnt in the course of the last 8-10weeks more
than ever before that learning really never ends. Even when I felt all sides to
certain issues had been explored and discussed extensively, there were always
new opinions and perspectives to issues that I had not previously imagined. Great job guys, i learnt a lot from everyone. 

haroon latif's picture

You know its time to stop blogging on imechanica when you try to google the topic your looking for information on, and google brings up your original imechanica blog as a 3rd choice. 

I think its time to call it quits and play some Black Ops instead.  

Haroon Latif
MSc Oil and Gas Engineering


Yes! A much needed break, but imechanica lives on. It's like killing two birds with one stone. I have my 20marks from my 20 posts and also learnt alot from my wonderful colleagues.

I had the opportunity to fully understand many terms I have heard in the past but don't actually know details - Carbon trading, Global dimming....

Dr Tan, thank you for the lectures, tutorial and imechanica. 


Mehran Vakil's picture

Dear Dr. Henry Tan
I as an international student would like to say that imechanica has brought many advantages for me. It has improved my English and also helped me to catch up my knowledge. And I really appreciate it.
Personally speaking, changing the rules about imechanica makes me crazy. The general trend towards the deadline is like a sin(x) trends. So, by fluctuating all the time, I have a right to be insane.Laughing

Ber_Mar's picture

DR Henry Tan, changing the rules was the problem. I already wrote this before, the school should not be allowed to do this, just because some students have misconceptions of real world and want at any cost to be better... Instead of learning all together and getting all good marks. 

I tried adding a topic, but it didnt appeared, i havent made the 20 yet, so please accepti it. 

ROHIT NAIR's picture

I completely agree with your views bernado. the rules and the criterias for evaluating the posts were established when we were told about this assignment. But a week back you get an email saying that the conditions for evaluating the posts have been changed! i think this is totally unfair to the students who were supporting you in this new approach to continous assignments. This is a much more interesting and much ore informative method of assessing students and i personally feel Dr. Tan that you should stick to the old method of evaluating a post as that would only be fair.

Rohit C Nair
Subsea Engineering
Student id- 51231896

Etienne Gunter's picture

I agree with you guys, but we should not forget that this is the first time that such a method is used in evaluating students. In all fairness, the rules would not have been changed if students did not exploit it (i.e. copying text from sources etc.). I guarantee you that next year there will be much less issues like this. I also believe that we will receive a well-judged mark for our efforts.

My impression is that Dr Tan tried to create debates around certain issues and there are many proposals to update iMechanica in order to achieve this.  So therefore, let’s not be too critical, but appreciate his effort.

Ber_Mar's picture

Rohit, not only unfair for students, but for dr. Henry Tan as well, because now not only he will have to hear students complaints but read and mark a lot more of assignments, most of them done in a rush to get 30 or 40 and out of those the best 20. That is why i prefer to risk and do just 20 or 25, because dont feel is correct to spam the Blog, even if i get lower mark, in the end i have learned and that my friend is what counts

ROHIT NAIR's picture

Well said my friend, i totally agree with you. what you learn out of this ultiamtely makes all the difference.And yes it is unfair to Dr. Henry Tan as well. He is the one who  has to hear our problems and address them. And he is doing a great job. This assignment has been a huge success i feel. All students have learned something from this.

Rohit C Nair
Subsea Engineering
Student id- 51231896

Elvis.E.Osung's picture

Thanks to Dr Henry Tan for this novel approach to assessment and grading.


i have had friends from other institutions of higher learning telling me they see my post on google search feedSmile.


The depth of knowledge in this blog within the past few months has increased in geometric progression.


This blog can be used as a resource centre at the completion of the course for technical information in Safety and Reliability. 


i will recommend we all visit the blog regularly and engage our minds by getting involved in topical technical debates.


This indeed was a wonderfull experience.


kudos to everyone. 

Edwin Lawrance's picture

hai guys......

This was an interesting experience for me to post new topics discuss about them and so. Lot of new terms and incidents came to my notice when I went through some posts, which made me interested to read more about that. Any how this discussion according to me is a huge sucess.

Thank you,

Dr. Tan 

Alabi Ochu Abdulraheem's picture

I thank all my friends and colleagues for their wonderful contributions to the success of the assignment which seems not visible at the beginning. This is only a lesson to some of us who never thought it was going to be a success. I also want to give special thanks to the course coordinator Dr Henry tan for the wonderful exposure he brought to us, which can’t be quantified. There were some challenges along the line but come to think of it, the route to success is always not a smooth one. The depth of knowledge it really brought to me cannot really be quantified as my understanding of safety and risk issues before now has really changed. Before crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s I would want to pose a question to my colleagues “which one of you thinks the assignment wasn’t a success and why wasn’t it?”
Name: Alabi Ochu Abdulraheem
Reg no: 51231595

Thomas Ighodalo's picture

As professionals, most of work is schedule based , the schedule may be lean and tight or relaxed , one thing in common is a start and end date, improper planning, over loaded tasks, insufficient staff, not delegating duties, improper work hours leads to   fatigue and this will inadvertently lead to poor judgment . Below are examples of accidents that occurred which fatigue was attributed as part of the cause.





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Three Mile Island

The key accident that caused the
1979 meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear generator in Pennsylvania
occurred at 4am, and was made by operators working the night shift. Experts
believe fatigue may have been a contributing factor[1]


The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the
Ukraine is the worst nuclear disaster in history. The trouble started at 1:26
am on April, 26 1986. The cause of the disaster has been partially attributed
to human error caused by confusion and, yes, fatigue[1]


Auto Accidents

According to the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), "drowsy driving" causes over
100,000 car crashes each year, resulting in about 1,550 deaths. Tired drivers
pose a danger to themselves, their passengers, and everyone they share the road



Some companies have realized the need to take a break off work and have installed specialized softwares that automatically turn of the computer and forces the user to take a break "micropause" although this can be annoying especially when having an 'eureka" moment but safety comes first.





"Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact"

c.ejimuda's picture

Thank you Dr Tan for your innovation, thoughtfulness and insight. You have left an indelible mark in our hearts that cannot be erased as long as the fundamental safety engineering course is concerned, you will always be remembered.

Good times to post, read others opinions, constructively criticizing  others and in fact adding to what they have mentioned already.

In my opinion, I will ask if you can create an independent research group from the list of students to represent the university or other research projects because this is how great minds are brought together.

Good job Dr Tan. Keep it up.


Chukwumaijem M Ejimuda

MSC Safety and Reliability Engineering.

Tony Morgan's picture

hi folks,

now is probably the time to salute the efforts of the whole class and Dr tan for this inspirational method of application of learning on our course. I have really enjoyed the experience and trading opinions with everyone and hope that this will continue at a slower rate over the years. i will look out for posts and encourgage my co-workers to contribute.

obviously there are positives and negatives of any experience and to that i simply say c'est la vie !

p.s. might try to squeeze in one more worthwhile post as i dont think ive even got the twenty up a DL the flexibility of being able to post almost any time has really helped working around the kids, family, work etc.

hope this catches on for other subjects as appropriate...

tony morgan

Samuel Bamkefa's picture

I can see some people are still getting very serious here. Laughing

One expression I think I will never forget is '1 mark'. For me, it has become a slang

In total, I think it was worthwhile having to do extensive research. I don't envy Dr Tan who has to take time to go through all of it.

It will be nice to build on this experience to develop our research interest and capacities more.


Samuel Bamkefa

Hanifah N. Lubega's picture


Well said Tony Morgan, and thanks to Dr. Tan for calling for relaxation otherwise the cropping topics were beginning to make the whole thing loose meaning with the duplication of topics. Most of them were discussed in one way or the other in the main 45 or so topics. Indeed It has been a long, challenging but interesting time. And we have Dr. Tan to thank for that coz as a Ugandan I hadn’t experienced this before and it has also helped us know each other’s capabilities in one-way or the other. I now know who to go to when having trouble in particular topics, hahaha.. 

Well, I hope we can get the respective marks worked for because given the pace of this course; every minute spent deserves an award.  

Congratulations Dr. Tan for achieving your goal. You were really prepared for this because you seemed to have mitigations to every risk/concern raised.  


Bassey Kufre Peter's picture

Thanks to Dr Henry Tan for this innovative mode of continuous assessment, from the responses of your students from the topic iMechanica versus MyAberdeen, Dr. you can see that your “palot project ” has now been sanction by over 90% of your students and its now fully commercialized. I am sure the future students will find this very innovative too. Look forward to take part in the next year debate. On this note i say a very big thank you for the opportunity of global expression of our knowledge. I have received calls from my lecturers and friends telling me they saw my post on iMechanica when goggling for some piece of information. What an opportunity?

Bassey, Kufre Peter
M.Sc-Subsea Engineering-2012/2013
University of Aberdeen.

Thomas Ighodalo's picture

 Whew!!!! in the nick of time



"Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact"

farman oladi's picture

Goodbye imechanica , we will miss you for debating and commenting.

Imechanica is a great idea and method for involve everyone in different topics. This semester for the first using imechanica was good experience for us and Dr. Tan and I think Dr. Tan could find final version of rules for the next semesters because I only suffered from changing rules during the semester.

Tianchi You's picture

Firstly, I want to thank for Mr. Tan. This website is fresh to me, but it leaves a lot of memory.

To be honest, at the begining I did not like it because it seems too complicated to me and I was a little scared about English , throughtout this period on imechanica study, I have learned some knowledge that i can not learn from the lectures. Even though I did not publish too many comments but I looked other guys' comments, they are creative and passional.

I think in the future I will still pay some attention on this website and try to find some other useful stuff.

In the end, it is the end of our first session, I wish everyone have a good Christmas vocation.


Tianchi You


Oil&gas engineering

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Henry Tan's picture

I am cleaning the dishes ...

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