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Error in look-up table generation: which dataline entries to add?

I am playing a bit with subroutines in Abaqus 6.13 to understand how they work.
At the moment I am using a VUSDFLD to variate the stiffness/density/conductivity in a model (I defined the field variable) depending on Temperature and Position.

It seems that there are not particular errors in the inp file and in the for file, but I got this error in the .sta file:

***ERROR: Internal error in look-up table generation.  Check that dataline
          entries are sufficient to describe the dependence in all independent

I understand that I have to correct the tables and the fields, but I am not sure what I have to add/change.
Can you help me out, please?

Thank you very much!

This is the table I used (the data are in this order to have increasing values). E_fin is the stiffness at the final temperature (T_fin), while E_in is at the initial T (T_in). B0, B1, etc are the level in the structure, from the base to the top.

*Elastic, dependencies=2
<E_fin_B0>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B0>
<E_fin_B1>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B1>
<E_in_B0>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B0>
<E_fin_B2>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B2>
<E_in_B1>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B1>
<E_in_B2>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B2>
<E_fin_B3>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B3>
<E_in_B3>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B3>
<E_fin_B4>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B4>
<E_in_B4>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B4>
<E_fin_B5>, 0.3,<T_fin>,  ,  <E_fin_B5>
<E_in_B5>, 0.3,<T_in>,  ,  <E_in_B5>

The final independent variable was dependent also from T.
Therefore I had to rewrite my table in this way, explicitly writing the dependence from T and z:

*Elastic, dependencies=1
** Variable T - position B0
<E_in_B0>,  0.3, <T_in>,  <B0_alt>
<E_fin_B0>, 0.3, <T_fin>, <B0_alt>
** Variable T - position B1
<E_in_B1>,  0.3, <T_in>,  <B1_alt>
<E_fin_B1>, 0.3, <T_fin>, <B1_alt>
** Variable T - position B2
<E_in_B2>,  0.3, <T_in>,  <B2_alt>
<E_fin_B2>, 0.3, <T_fin>, <B2_alt>
** Variable T - position B3
<E_in_B3>,  0.3, <T_in>,  <B3_alt>
<E_fin_B3>, 0.3, <T_fin>, <B3_alt>

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