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ABAQUS built-in SMA model

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Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of SMA (shape memory alloy) modeling pops up.

In ABAQUS, you can achieve this only by (V)UMAT coding or by using the little-known built-in SMA model.

In the past I have frequently responded to queries on SMA modeling and could refer to a customer help site of SIMULIA. That site is down, regrettably.

I decided to post the files here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance and uploading the files as E-mail attachment every time.

I attach the following answer IDs from that custhelp site:
answer ID 1658: UMAT and VUMAT routines for the elastic-plastic simulation of Nitinol
answer ID 4699: Abaqus/CAE plug-in utility to calibrate Nitinol material behavior
The uploads include the html files of these answer IDs and all attachments. These are zip-files, but I had to fool the site into believing they are pdfs for uploading. Change the file extension.

These models are hidden; though the information is available from a new site of Simulia. Surf to and register; search for "Nitinol". It may be that you need special rights on the site; these can be requested from your regional SIMULIA HQ. There is also some additional information on reported errors in particular ABAQUS releases. So be sure you get the latest information from there.

Note that the name of the material you define in your simulation cannot be chosen at will. The guideline is given in a footnote in the pdfs.

Please also note that I have never worked with this model and have no access to ABAQUS at present.

you can find an example using this built-in model.

If you are using the student version of ABAQUS: subroutines cannot be used in the student version. For subroutines you need the version with full functionality, including FORTRAN. I do not know if this built-in model is available in the student version.

See also

For an introduction to subroutine coding get the file User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

For any ABAQUS-related question: seek advice from the Abaqus mailing list
This is a moderated list.

Good luck and spread the word !



PDF icon 1658.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon 4699.pdf167.98 KB



Thank you so much Frank, this would have saved me a few weeks of coding. I coded the Tanaka model and the Liang and Rogers model but never benchmarked it.


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my posting here.

Note that I just inserted a paragraph "These models are hidden...".

The UMAT code for the "unified model" for SMA is available for free from


Hi Dr Frank Richter

Thank you for information SMA

I want to behaviour SMA modeling in abaquse.I can not download file Pdf that you attach in site.when i want open this file ,message is :the file has been damage was not correctly decoded.

I want to use Sma for modeling steel shear wall. I use from Sma instead steel. Do i certainly use from scrip phython? Can you send for me example about UMAT?

is UMAT cod same the python? I read SMA wiki.I run scrip in the model i run job but analysis do not complete.this model was used for define material property from user material.full data import in one  table column.

Is Abaquse understands the information be separated?I request you to guied me.

thank you so much


Files can not be downloaded



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I cannot find a button to upload files, neither on my private PC nor at work.

Contact me privately, I'll send you the individual files.


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hi Frank.thank you for explaining but the above files can't be downloaded.


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Numerous persons have contacted me, complaining that the files could not be downloaded. I then send them the files by e-mail and there seems to be no problem. So the files are fine and a new upload might solve the problem. Unfortunately, there is no button to upload files here in my browser. In case of need send me a private message using the PM function of iMechanica.


Good luck




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